March 2, 2011 § 5 Comments

When it comes to debt, bills, money, I have always prayed for God to meet these needs. All my life I have always had enough. I may not have had an excess, but I had enough. This has been true when I was under my parents roof, and continued to be so when I got married. God has always provided.

My prayer this year has been to be home with my son. This means giving up my job. Giving up the income it provides. This has in itself been the hardest step of faith yet. My heart desires to be at home with our son. My mind sees the bills and needs that our income pays for.

Am I missing something here?


I have someone close to me that is also going through a faith journey. In a very real sense. Without giving details as to who they are, they too have come to a place where the money they have coming in will not cover the bills. However they are praying and they are having faith in God’s provision.  I was able to talk to them today, and I was waiting to hear the frustration, and worry. But to my delight there was peace. There was hope, there was praise for God’s provision. For out of nothing He brought what they needed. Isn’t that the way we see it though? Not knowing where money will come from, but trusting that it will come in some way or another, because God provides.

I learned something new today. I learned I may just have to step out not knowing. Having no idea how or when God will bring what we need to cover the things that hold us down- the weight of debt, the needs of a home. It’s time to step out and truly trust. But to live in trust. To live in faith. Faith= knowing Him. Is there anything in all of this world that is more important than knowing Him??


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