Day 9

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s the last day of our trip. We knew it would be a long day of travel, but we didn’t know exactly how long. One thing I’ve learned from the Dominican life is to go with the flow and be flexible, especially when it comes to planning and punctuality. There isn’t such a thing as a specific time, at least planning for a specific time. More like a general time frame. It’s this laid back kind of attitude that drove the type A planners in the group a little crazy. However by the end of the trip even they learned to lay back and go with the flow. And actually our ‘planned’ days all worked out just fine. I’m glad I learned early on to accept things as they came and to go with it and not focus on how ‘off schedule’ we were. This learned skill came into play especially today. We arrived on time at the airport (this was after a 3 hour drive to get there) checked in and ready to board our plane- already planning on the four hour layover in Miami. Once we made it to Miami that is. We made it safe to Miami, celebrating our arrival onto American soil! Once we were there we made our way through customs, found our baggage, and rechecked it again, then set off to eat our first meal of the day. My how good that meal at Chili’s was! After this we made our way through security to find our gate and wait out (what we thought) the couple of hours before our flight left, taking us to Atlanta. Our 7:45 flight time came and went. Our gate changed. Then our flight time changed again. Then our gate changed again. Then our flight time changed again. Was there a little worry over this? Slightly. We were a little worried our flight would not get out that night as it got later and later. However we didn’t know what would happen and made the most of our time in the Miami airport. Thankfully there was a Starbucks. And some card games. And some crazy spirited teenagers that were starting to get stir crazy, and slap happy. Truly I think it was the most fun I think I’ve had in an airport. There were handstands, and splits by the girls, and a handstand or two by Landon. A few crab crawling races and some videos. It was too funny. We were eager and ready to go home, but at the same time really had no choice in the matter. Overall the spirit of the group again manifested itself in how they all reacted to the situation. The entire trip was very much the same way- unified and uplifiting. I was so honored to be a part of such a great group, and I knew it would be sad to end it. Eventually we did hear those blessed words that we were free to board. What a wonderful feeling it was to board for home! Our flight was fast and uneventful. Home never looked so good, after 18 hours of traveling. At least for Jonah and I, as we made our way to his parents to stay over and pick up our sweet boy. It was a long day, but in a weird way a quick one. I have found that the only way to approach something you aren’t particularly thrilled about is one step at a time, one foot in front of the other. Much like the traveling we did on those bumpy dirt roads in the DR. You couldn’t look ahead for fear of tripping up and falling, and also seeing how much farther you had to go. You just had to focus on your steps, and keep those consistent. Isn’t this the way it often is in our spiritual life too? I’m thankful that I can’t see the long road ahead, the unknown. I’m thankful God helps me each day, each step and that I am learning and growing in that. This post ends our amazing trip to the DR. It’s bittersweet that it’s over. We all took so much away from it and I know it’s touched us each in different ways. What a special trip this was. It was eye-opening and heart changing. I’m excited to see how each person is changed from here on out. May I truly be changed, and live like it.


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