Day 7

June 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Really? Day 7 already means we’ve been here a week and I can hardly believe it. I was talking with Megan and agree that some days have felt longer than others, but overall it’s been a fast week. Here we are about to end our trip, tomorrow being our last day of work before we travel home on Tuesday.


What a sweet wonderful word. I am truly looking forward to seeing our son. My heart aches to hold him and smell him again! At the same time I know I am also saying goodbye to the people here and I know that is sad too. I know a lot of these kids have really had their hearts touched by the people here. It’s awesome to see God working in each person, stretching and molding them. Myself and Jonah included.

Today was church day. This morning we were able to a little more work on a church near Denny’s house, then after lunch we made the drive to Rafael’s church.

It was a long drive- the longest part was due to the bumpy dirt roads we had to travel on to get to his church. It was located in a village surrounded by little homes, much like the villages we’ve been visiting. I went there excited to see how these people worship, expecting it to be joy filled. I wasn’t disappointed.

The church building was small. It was built out of typical cement blocks. Plastic chairs were set up in rows, many of them filled with us. It was hot. Very hot. Today was actually one of the hottest ones yet. And there is no AC. The fans were even off. Electricity can be sketchy here, not very reliable. The hot, humid air was like a thick blanket, and we sat and poured sweat. Interestingly enough, the people there paid no mind to the heat. Nevermind the sweating, they were so excited to be there to worship God.

The service was in spanish, with an ‘interpreter’. I say the word interpreter with a chuckle because his interpretation was rather loose according to those that speak spanish. Plus he didn’t know the English words for the books of the Bible, so we’d hear Denny in the back telling us what book.

The service itself though was pretty neat. A very different experience, one I will not forget! The people were so enthusiastic. So excited! Hands in the air, praising, clapping, shouting Amen. Their music was accompanied by a set of drums and a keyboard. When the people sang they clapped and moved in rhythm, so happy. They were so happy to worship God! Enthusiasm like that is contagious and I found myself wishing our services back home had more of that zeal, that free spirit kind of worship.

Towards the end of the service they asked if anyone would like to come forward to receive prayer for any sickness. This struck a chord since many of us were suffering from digestion problems from the diet. A couple of the girls went forward and they had Chris pray for them. I love how real they made our faith. I remember them saying that God is there with us, and even though I know this, they way they said it…praised it really, shouted it, made you really believe and know that yes He was right there with us. It’s funny how I can forget this as I go about my day to day.

I was also in awe of the tiny home that the pastor and his wife reside in….along with 5 children. Think of a one bedroom apartment, then downsize that and take away luxury items like a closed off bathroom, and a modern kitchen. Think outhouse. Yes, I got to experience that one too.

It’s humbling to see how they live. It’s encouraging to see how they believe. What an example they set to us, to be alive and on fire for God. Even with little in terms of material possessions, they have much. Little is much when God is in it.

After the service they each took time to shake our hands (men) and give us hugs (women) and went out of their way to be sure each one of us received hugs and handshakes. I was so impressed by their generous outpouring of love towards us- whom they had just met.

What an example they set for me.

The night was ended by a trip to pick up some dinner, some going to Taco Bell, some Pizza Hut. Ahh American food. So good.

Tomorrow will be our last day! Then onto America!

May we not forget what we saw and learned. What God spoke to each of us. For now it’s another goodnight.


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