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June 6, 2011 § 6 Comments

We made it.

After months of thinking about this trip and all the worries, planning, stresses, excitement and wondering we are finally here in the Dominican Republic.

The decision to come was by far one of the harder ones for me. Initially yes, it was scary to say yes to stepping out of my comfort zone. But moreso it was that “how in the world will I leave our son behind for 9 days, when I’ve never even been away from him overnight” thought that kept creeping in.

But I can say that God provides the grace to help you through the journey. He meets you and prepares you and I know He is with me now, even though I miss that sweet little face so very much.

Our trip was a long one today.

We headed out early this morning around 6, to drive to the airport….from then on it was traveling almost nonstop and now here we are almost 14 hours later safe and sound in our room in this new, strange country.

As it’s late, and we are road tired, I won’t stay on long, but I wanted to post some initial thoughts of my first glimpse of the DR.

It’s a very helpless feeling to not speak the language in a country- you literally can’t even ask for help if you don’t speak it. But we are surrounded by others that can put a couple phrases and sentences together, thankful for that!

Interesting fact- you can’t flush the toilet paper here, you have little baskets for it. Apparently the pipes are too small.

At stoplights or intersections in busier towns, there are peddlers that walk up and try to sell you whatever they can, including new windshield wipers they replace right there.

There are random people set up with their fares at the most odd places along the road. I think we were literally in the mountains and I saw some people set up with odd things to sell on the side of the road. Really, who stops for that stuff?

We saw a truck loaded with what looked like oranges and another fruit right in front of us. I was waiting for them to just roll right off.

We almost got hit by an oncoming huge truck- since it’s hurricane season they often have storms come through. On this day we were driving along and came upon some still water in the road. What did our driver do? Why he turned down the next road- the one with oncoming traffic going one way-to avoid the water. Doing this, he couldn’t see really clear around the bend, but thankfully that big huge truck missed us. Yes, that was a little hairy.

Traffic rules are a little loose here, I’d say.

The hotel here has a key card for the doors, but also controls all the lights and electricity in your room. If you take it out of it’s spot everything goes off. Yes, we are learning as we go!

The second bus that was toting the rest of our group died suddenly on our way here. Our driver stopped at a gas station to grab some gas to fill the other bus. I have this vision of him with that gallon container of gas, hanging from his hand out his window as he drove our bus over to the other one. He was doing this as a safety cautiion to us, but it made me laugh to think how completely different it was here!

God protected and brought us to our destination safely. I am trusting Him now as I think of our son asleep back at home, as I think of the week ahead and not knowing what to expect, as I thnk of the land here, the people, the group of us, so much. So different. So out of my box for sure.

I am so grateful I can share this experience with my dear husband. He is one of the best people ever to travel with, I’m thankful that God has prepared him to be at this very point….but that’s another thought for another night.

For now this is me signing out. and goodnight.


§ 6 Responses to on a mission

  • Keller says:

    Wow carrie what a great account of your first sights! I’m glad you guys are ok and know the God is so close watching your every step. We will pray for you both his week and for little Oliver. Can’t wait to read more of your adventures! πŸ™‚

  • Keller says:

    A few minor spelling errors on my post. I’m laughing bc it’s late and I’m on my phone trying to type. πŸ™‚

  • Sasha Johns says:

    I’m so excited for you two and how this trip is going to change you forever! I got to go to Venezuela for an entire summer in 91, and that trip still resonates through my life. In fact, it is an indirect reason that the two of us ever even met. I’ll tell you the story sometime when you are home.
    Enjoy what God is about to do.

  • Hayley Magouyrk says:

    Carrie, I am so excited for you guys and wish I was there with you. I’m so glad you are writing so I can read about your experience and pray for you even more πŸ™‚ My hubby will join you and the team tomorrow evening!

  • carol Armitage says:

    Carrie Thanks for writing this and sharing it with us. It makes us feel like we are there with the group. Love The armitages

  • Cindy James says:

    Thank you Carrie. I love reading about the adventures and thank God you are all safe. I will continue to pray for everyone.

    Cindy Poulter James

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