In the quiet

April 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Quiet time. How important this is.

Growing up, I always heard about this time that Christians should set aside every day. Time alone reading the Bible, praying. This should be done everyday at some point. And I agree with this. But I missed the bigger picture. I missed what this time truly was. It is communion with Jesus.  Asking for forgiveness for the sin that is in your heart. Pouring yourself out to Him. Asking for His Holy Spirit to fill you. It’s begging Him to fill you.

But it’s more than 15 minutes out of my day. I’m learning I need Jesus all day. I need Him throughout, asking Him for help with decisions, for love for others, for compassion to those that truly need it, for love. I need Him to guide me, I need His Holy Spirit to help me, to give me wisdom, to grow. I can’t get through my day without Him. I fail. I stumble, I get grumpy, angry and selfish when I take over.

I truly see the importance of setting apart quiet time. But I also see the importance of keeping your heart open and willing to hear what He is trying to speak to you. This could happen throughout the day. And I ask myself again, am I listening? What am I listening to? Am I drowning out His voice because I’m so caught up in what I want?

I started this post days ago. I didn’t feel it was finished. So here I am click clacking away on the computer filling up the virtual pages, from my mind to screen.

Life is busy.

It has a way of getting in the way of serving. At least I was starting to believe that today. It was a busy day right from the start, as I jumped out of bed to go pick up a chatty little boy in his crib who was ready for his breakfast. It was the ‘ready-set-go’ part of my morning that catapults me into my day. Then it’s onto the many many busy tasks that surround me and almost drown me.

I become desperate for that quiet time, needing to hear His voice, needing to rest in Him.

I wasn’t always this way. Rewind back to December of last year. I didn’t understand how important it was to spend this time, not only being physically quiet, but quieting your mind. Preparing your heart to be filled.

I did take time to stop and read, pray, and listen.

And it made the day smooth out. Like a freshly ironed garment. The creases fell out, and I breathed easier.

Isn’t this always true when I stop to listen to the One who is speaking?


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