January 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

There is something about the word passion that keeps coming back to my mind. It’s filling my heart.

Passion. What does it mean? In the dictionary it means strong feelings, zeal.

But my heart is focused on what it’s passionate about.


Oh how my heart is filled with Him. Truly He is someone to serve, to love, to follow with passion.

My husband. What a wonderful man I am walking with in this life. His heart has been ignited for the things of God and I am truly grateful. Grateful for the zeal I see shining in his eyes. The love he is pouring out in so many aspects of his life and living. Really living.The focus and boldness that he is showing daily are motivating me in my own walk with Christ.

My son. I am passionate about this little gift from God. Passionate to be the mommy he needs. To love him, train him, and teach him the things of God. To show him One who loves him more than Jonah or I ever could.

My dreams. These are the things that make me look out at the day and know that God has His hand on me. Knowing that God is directing and leading and I’m eager to follow Him. I’m skipping along in a sense, trying not to run for fear I will run past God. I know He has perfect timing and sees what is in my heart and I pray daily for His will not mine.

And dreams lately have been in my mind.

Towards the beginning of this year I took some time to write out dreams that I have. Goals. Places I am walking towards. Are these places the ones God has for me? I prayed over this small list, and I’m trusting Jesus to lead me down the right paths. I’m excited, and eager to see where He leads. Perhaps it won’t be where I thought. But I know it will be a place of peace. And isn’t that the greatest place to be? The center of God’s will. Where His heart is? Doesn’t this too become where your heart is? There is some hesitancy, but I can also say right now there is excitement. I haven’t allowed myself the time to sit and think about goals and dreams in a while. I haven’t voiced these to God, or even myself.

Jesus lead.

Lead me where you would have me go. Keep me passionate, hungry, loving, broken, compassionate, and bold for the things of God. Give me clarity to see as You do, eyes to see, ears to hear…


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