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January 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday was a busy day for us. It was a get-up-and-go kind of day right from the start. By the time we got home and I was leisurely laying in bed, enjoying the comfort of doing nothing, I realized how important it is to just take time to be still.

You know the verse, “Be still and know that I am God?” (Psalm 46:10) I was feelin’ that. I realized how much we need this, physically, mentally, spiritually. While it’s exciting to go go go, learn, grow, and move, if we don’t take time for rest, we are missing a very crucial part of renewal in our lives. I very much needed time to just stop, relax and breathe again. Was I taking this time to study more in the Word, or pour out my heart to God? No. I was just still. I don’t think this was wrong, it was needed. I am taking it as a good reminder to do this regularly, no guilt about it.

On another note, last night we were able to attend church and hear a message titled, “Speak up” by Louis Giglio.

I was excited to get there, to worship God in song and hear from Him through the speaker. I wasn’t disappointed. In all that I have been soaking in and learning this month, one thing that I feel lead to pray for is boldness. Being bold to tell others about Jesus, tell them what He is doing for me, what He will do for them.

It’s been exciting praying for this, I know He is helping me grow in this area, and I so desperately need it.

To kind of go along with this last nights message was key for me. It was a re-affirmation of the direction I am going. Speak up, was actually about stepping out and pursuing the desires/passions that God has placed in your heart. Louis challenged everyone to stop and take time to think about what it is you feel you are supposed to do, what God has for you. And yes you may not know exactly, but you certainly have something you are passionate about. Is that what God is calling to? It was something I needed to be reminded of as my heart has been circling around several areas lately. He then went onto say, think of the fears that are holding you back. These are fears you are allowing you to trust God. A great example he used was found from the passage that says, ” He owns a cattle on a thousand hills…” A wonderful passage that Jonah and I have actually spoken several times this past month as we think about our own finances. 1000 Hills. What a wonderful reminder that God is to be trusted.

Today I did sit and quietly think about what it is I’m passionate about. I prayed for help with this, I wrote out a list, followed by a list of fears that prevent me from thinking I can move this direction. At the end of my list I wrote in big letters, ” 1000 Hills.”

Is anything to great for our God? I’m going to be looking at this list, and praying over the fears I have, and I’ll be sharing it in it’s entirety with Jonah soon.

Today I also finished up reading Crazy Love, by Francis Chan.

I have read this book before, a while ago that is. This time around I finished it much quicker, and I underlined as I went, pulling out quotes and Scripture passages along the way to help me remember what I was learning. It was an amazing book, and so in sync with all I am learning right now. I have so many quotes I could share, but I didn’t want to fill this post with the pages of Crazy Love. I do recommend it to anyone….it’s a huge motivation to get up and do something as a Christian.

I learned that Jesus does not expect us to just sit, worship, maybe say a little prayer, and life goes on. Then back to that cycle again. He expects, actually commands us to go. To follow Him, to share who He is with others. To go to the outcasts, and the regular Joe’s on the street, or right next door, to reach out of my comfort zone. I loved reading one quote that said, ” Life is comfortable when you separate yourself from people who are different.”

How often have I kept myself from reaching out to those that don’t fit into my description of a friend.

I thought about this some more and I realized that I haven’t even made the effort to meet our neighbors. Here I am thinking about those overseas, the poor, impoverished, underprivileged people – which don’t get me wrong are very much needing Christ too, and His love poured on them, but what about those right next door?

I’m not in any way the type to eagerly go knocking on a strangers door to introduce myself. But maybe it’s time. I get scared even thinking about that. Boldness….but also love. Christ loved me enough to break down my walls and surround me with His unquenchable love. He died for me. That alone should be enough for me to open my mouth, to allow Him to use me to show love to others.

Again, I’m hesitant to even publish this. That provides accountability on my part. But I can’t get these thoughts from my mind. I am so grateful for what I am learning right now, and I don’t want to forget it…perhaps it’s time to live it.


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